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Why are Outreach Initiatives Important?

Outreach initiatives are critical to the overall mission of NCEES, which is to advance licensure for engineers and surveyors in order to safeguard the health, safety, and welfare of the public. Supporting K–12 initiatives and connecting professional practice with education are two of the biggest components of NCEES outreach efforts.

NCEES Outreach Initiatives

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Supporting K–12 Initiatives

NCEES celebrates the professions and sponsors hands-on activities to promote careers in engineering and surveying to children, their parents, and teachers. Along with exploring career options, NCEES focuses on how professional engineers and surveyors protect the public. The organization’s support of DiscoverE is a central part of NCEES efforts to engage with K–12 students. NCEES also supports MATHCOUNTS Foundation programs. The foundation provides competitions and clubs to empower middle-school students of all ability levels and backgrounds to reach their full potential in mathematics. In addition, the organization provides support to Trig-Star, an annual high-school mathematics competition sponsored by the National Society of Professional Surveyors.
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Connecting professional practice and education

Outreach initiatives at the college level are an important aspect of NCEES’ efforts to increase the number of engineering and surveying students starting the path to professional licensure when they graduate.
  • FE and FS Graduation Honor Cords are available to current engineering and surveying students who pass the FE or FS exam prior to graduating from a participating ABET-accredited program. FE and FS honor cords are a great way to share your achievement on graduation day.
  • are available to examinees when they pass the FE or FS exam. Badges can be shared through social media platforms such as LinkedIn and are a great way to let others know you passed the exam.
  • FE Ambassadors serve as on-campus representatives at participating schools with the purpose of engaging fellow engineering students through activities such as engineering society student chapter meetings and events, licensure presentations, on-campus advertising, and social media.
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Advancing licensure for public protection

As part of its virtual outreach programming, NCEES distributes a podcast series, launched in September 2020. Hosted by NCEES Chief Operating Officer Davy McDowell, P.E., Advance: An NCEES Podcast Series highlights professional engineers and surveyors across the country and their critical work to help safeguard the health, safety, and welfare of the public. NCEES also distributes P.E. and P.S. Profiles. In this series, NCEES explores the benefits of licensure and how professional engineers and surveyors are working on a daily basis to protect the public. The profiles are featured on the NCEES website and social media channels.
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